About Us

The Service Users’ Network (SUN), was setup in 2001 and is run by and for users of Mental Health Services.


SUN was registered as a Manx Charity in 2002.


The SUN group is going from strength to strength. We have a good hard working committee, who are now attending lots of meetings along with professionals to try and help improve the service in any way. We believe we have a good mental health service in the Isle of Man and we are thankful that the professionals welcome us working along side them   to give service users a voice. The service users are definitely benefiting from our input and we are very excited about the future of SUN. We feel bridges are being built and we aim to continue to work hard for the benefit of all service users.


People who have mental health problems do have a voice, and we all have a great opportunity to work together to find what is the best treatment and help for outselves, after all we are the ones who are ill and we are the ones who know what may work and what may not. We do not want to work alone, we feel we want to work hand in hand with professionals, so that we can work together, which in the long run we are sure will benefit the Mental Health Service on the Isle of Man. The SUN Group is not all about hard work and no fun, as we run monthly Social Club events. During these times we do different activities and have guest speakers to give us talks and demonstrations. Up to date we have  had guest speakers from Victim Support, Alcohol Advisory Service, Manx Diabetic Group, Praxis Befriending, a Bodyshop party, acupuncture, aromatherapy, Indian head massage & Reiki, nutritional advice, gardening advice and a mediation evening.


We are very interested in complementary therapies, which will help promote our well-being. As well as guest speakers and workers we organise meals, we have member who demonstrates his hobby of Wargaming and allows members to participate. We also have DVD movie nights where we bring goodies to eat, which usually go down really well. At our Social Club evenings tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits are available free of charge to members. Membership of SUN is open to anyone with an interest in Mental Health. Being a SUN member has great benefits, not only to give you a vote about your treatment, but also to give you a social life so your can yourselves and have fun with other service users.


For further information about SUN, please ring 616188 or 457756

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