Advice and Support

Some ideas from Service Users on how they keep well.

  • Do not give up hope – try to remain optimistic
  • Keep yourself and home clean and presentable
  • Attend Next Step or other places where you can be yourself without stresses
  • Travel to places of interest
  • Float over the worst time, don’t fight them
  • Find a way of going back to the community – it is by giving, that we receive
  • Find a way of relaxing your emotions like art, music, writing or relaxation
  • Make yourself smile and try to smile despite all
  • When feeling low, write it down and express on paper, ways to uplift oneself
  • Telephone a friend or a helpline
  • Give yourself a hug and nourish yourself with kind words and thoughts.

Top 10 tips to keep good mental health

  • Make sure you get the medication that is right for you and take it reguarly. Be honest and assertive about this with your doctor
  • Try to plan a structure for your days; keep active. Go to Next Step, do voluntary work or take up a hobby
  • Talk about your problem with a trusted friend or a professional person
  • Eat a well balanced diet. Sleep regular hours and exercise daily
  • Develop and maintain friendships. Talk things over, especially at difficult times and aviod isolation when possible
  • Establish a good working relationship with your doctor, nurse or any other professional person. They can advise you on serivces available to you and also financial problems and housing
  • Avoid stressful situations if at all possible
  • If you feel you are becoming ill, get help before the situation reaches crisis point. See your doctor
  • Join the SUN Group or self help group to share your experience and receive support and feedback
  • Minimize alcohol intake and avoid unprescribed drugs.

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